Tristan Darby - tickled pink by the rise of rosé this spring

Our 2014 Rosé received a glowing review from Tristan Darby in this month’s Bath Magazine.

The article looks at the resurgence of rosé since shedding its association with sweet sickly bright pink numbers and the ‘Rosé Revolution’ created awareness of dry, delicate, textural rosé’s; wines that will impress even the most serious wine buff.

Darby starts by looking at sparkling wines commencing with a Cava Rosado before then reviewing the Hattingley Valley Rosé.

If you're after something a little more sophisticated, try Hattingley Valley, Rosé 2014 (£37.50 at GWW), a complex, elegant and impressive English sparkling from Hampshire. It's made just north of Winchester from a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Précoce (an early ripening mutation of Pinot Noir, perfect for the British climate). With a portion of the base wine ageing in old Burgundy barrels and around two years bottle-ageing on lees, there's a lovely mouthfeel and subtle toasty note alongside the wine's delightful strawberry and cranberry flavours. I recently served this blind at a sparkling wine tasting next to a very well-known and respected Champagne house's rosé, and this was the hands-down favourite. Elegant and fresh, it's a splendid example of high-quality English sparkling wine.”

We couldn’t agree more!!

Treat yourself this spring and buy a bottle or two here.

If you’re based in the Bath area and want to learn more about the world of wine, you can join Tristan on his course at Great Western Wine.

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