Family Values: Why You Should Love Family-Owned Wineries


We all love family. We all love wine. Supporting family-owned wineries means that you are supporting your own values as well as a family-owned business. Hattingley Valley Wines is owned by Simon Robinson and specialises in producing world class sparkling wines at focus the winery in Hampshire, England. Hattingley’s first wine was released in 2013 and they have been going strong ever since.

Benefits of purchasing wine from family-owned wineries v. corporate wineries

  • See your money at work! Supporting a winery like Hattingley allows you to know (and see) that your money is going directly toward the staff’s education programs, new barrels, harvest staff wages, and even things as small as wine tasting glasses and openers.

  • It gives you the opportunity to KNOW the owners and the staff, and for them to KNOW you. You have chatted with the winery owner and winemakers during their daily involvement at the winery and events, the sales and marketing teams remember you from year to year at local events.

  • You are in-the-know. It’s always exciting when your favorite family-owned winery is expanding their business, releasing new wines, or putting on new events!

  • Small-winery owners care about their customers. They want you to have top-quality wines and grow your knowledge and culture of wine through events and tours.

Hattingley Valley Wines is a spunky and charismatic crew. Their portfolio of sparkling wines has been recognized and rewarded at many international wine competitions. The team is focused on staff-education as well as consumer education through their regular winery tour events.

The team is always having fun and enjoying themselves right alongside their customers, whether they are making the wine, serving the wine, or selling the wine.

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