Classic Reserve: wine match for vegan food

On-trade publication, Imbibe, recently put together a panel of drinks professionals to look at vegan food and wine pairings. It appears that Veganuary is not just a short lived craze as more people are adopting a plant-based diet for the long haul.

Imbibe wanted to investigate how well wines paired with the increasingly diverse cuisine lifestyle choice.

We sent them our Classic Reserve to test with their various vegan dishes comprising Sweet Potato Laksa, Grilled Rainbow Carrots and Puy Lentils, Cauliflower Rice Tagine and Lemon Tahini Broccoli.

First they tasted the wines on their own.

What they said….

89 points

An excellent English sparkling with bright lemon zest and bready, yeasty brioche notes. Its fine bubbles leave you wanting more. Definitely a versatile one.” Kate Malczewski, Imbibe

Pale and dry, with notes of honeysuckle and a medium-plus finish.” Aurore Anguenot, ETM Group

 Next up they tried the various wines alongside the dishes. Hattingley Valley Classic Reserve was selected as the best match for the Grilled Rainbow Carrots and Puy Lentils dish.

The carrots were dressed and seasoned with lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper, mustard seeds and coriander seeds, then chargrilled. They were served on a lemony, peppery bed of puy lentils and garnished with parsley. The result was a marriage of smokiness, sweetness and citric bitterness.

“…the panel found the HV English sparkling to be the best bet with the dish’s mix of acidity and smoke. “You could really feel the tartness of the lemon on the lentils, so it takes a very acidic wine to balance it out” explained Aurore Anguenot. 

Conclusions from the tasting:

Imbibe says “In terms of food matching, our somms agreed that a sparkling wine like the Hattingley Valley is a ‘safe bet’ to get a table with both vegans and non-vegans onto a bottle.”

Thank you to Imbibe for an insightful article and creating some very tasty vegan dishes.