2016 Entice is nearly ready for sale

The wait is almost over… Our new Entice labels have just arrived ready for labelling tomorrow and Friday!


An elegant handcrafted English dessert wine which is full of the powerful aromas of peach and elderflower, while crisp English acidity perfectly balances the sweetness to give a pure, lasting finish.


Our winemaker loves this dessert wine with an English blue cheese. It can be enjoyed with any pudding and ends a meal with the taste of pure nectar.


Blending the method of ice wine production with a late harvest style wine creates a golden, elegant and intense result with notes of luscious peach and elderflower carried by fresh English acidity.

TA: 13g/l
RS: 151g/l
Acl: 8.5%
Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly

Entice on barrel.jpg