Recipe Corner: Summer Sorbet with Hattingley Sparkle

We’ve been testing out some recipes using our wines and this summery dessert was so delicious we just have to share it with you to make it at home. This is a nice and easy recipe so do try it for yourself and please share any photographs with your efforts on our social media pages (Twitter @hattingleywines / Instagram @hattingleywines / Facebook /hattingleyvalley )


Summer Sorbet with Hattingley Sparkle:

175 ml water

6oz granulated sugar

3 large peaches/5 smaller donut peaches

3 tabs elderflower cordial

1 egg white – whipped

½ bottle of Hattingley Valley Classic


* Heat sugar and water in a saucepan until dissolved, cool completely.

* Immerse peaches in boiling water for one minute, slip off skins & stone.

* Blend, peaches, cooled syrup and elderflower cordial.

* Stir in chilled Hattingley Valley sparkling wine.

* Fold in whipped egg white.

* Pour mixture into 2 litre capacity ice cream maker & freeze.

* Scoop out when ready and serve topped with a few berries for decoration.


Serves 8



CC_Summer Sorbet with Hattingley Sparkle #2 crop.jpg