Recipe Corner: AV Gazpacho

This simple little number was a party favourite when served as a canapé last night at a dinner party with friends. We’d love to hear what you think about this dish and be sure to share and tag us on our social media pages (Twitter @hattingleywines / Instagram @hattingleywines / Facebook /hattingleyvalley )


AV ‘Bloody Shots’ Gazpacho


2 x 14oz cans chopped tomatoes

1 small cucumber

1 red pepper

1 medium onion

2 gloves of garlic

1 slice of white bread + wine vinegar to dampen

Water to thin

100ml Hattingley Valley Aqua Vitae, vary amount to taste



Decoration: diced cucumber/diced tomato/fresh chopped herbs i.e. coriander or chives


* Roughly chop cucumber, pepper, onion, pepper.

* Crush garlic.

* Soak bread in a little vinegar.

* Liquidise all the above ingredients until a coarse purée.

* Add water to thin.

* Add Aqua Vitae to taste – you may like a bit more…

* Season.

* Chill for at least four hours.


Either serve in shot glasses with canapés or as part of a brunch garnished with diced cucumber/tomatoes/herbs – fills lots of shot glasses.

Alternatively serve as a cold starter with a selection of diced cucumber, chopped tomatoes, red or yellow peppers, herb, and some croutons.

Serves 6 – 8.

AV_Gazpacho & vegetables_crop.jpg